Boxes & Packaging Supplies

We sell a range of packaging & moving supplies. For more details, please see our Online Store page or get in touch for more details.


carousel-3Moving & Relocation Services

Packing can be a daunting task. After all, it is not a task that you would undertake every day!

Most people who are about to pack their home, office, garage or business, find the process overwhelming and do not know where to start! This is very normal, which then results in the packing, moving and storing process very stressful.

Trust us, we know exactly what is going through your mind when you are about to pack your house or business! Just remember, we are here to help you! Please contact us for more details.


carousel-6Pack & Wrap Services

We pack all of your belongings and wrap all of your precious items to protect them. Some of these items include your glassware, plates, platters, bowls ornaments in your home, garage or business for you! Once we have wrapped your fragile items, we then pack everything into boxes for you. Its is that easy & it is STRESS FREE!

Our professional team come into your home or office and individually wrap and pack all of your items for you. Go out for lunch and when you return, your items will be all packed! Stress free… it’s that easy!

We also offer the service where we use our trucks to move you anywhere in Australia at heavily discounted rates! We can also arrange to store your goods at numerous locations across Australia. Please contact us for more details.

  • We are the box & storage experts! We understand storage and moving and we understand boxes.
  • We are familiar with all the different types and sizes of boxes that are available.
  • We are reliable and offer competitive prices and delivery Australia wide.


Pack, Wrap & Move Services

We can Pack & Move you! If you are too busy to pack your boxes and then transport them to your desired location, we can take this worry away and pack it and move it for you! It is that easy! No fuss, no stress. Please contact us for more details.


carousel-7Pack, Move & Store Services

We can wrap, pack & move you and also arrange storage for you, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand! Please contact us for more details.


Box Buy-back Service

Once you have finished using your boxes, we will buy them back from you! The boxes will need to be in a fair condition and are not damaged, ripped or torn and not excessively scribbled all over with pen or texta. Please contact us for more details.

As long as your boxes are in a sellable condition, we will buy them back from you – saving you even more money!